Discover the power in our purpose

Meet the thinkers and doers whose purpose is solving tough challenges—and making a powerful impact.

Meet Patricia
She’s helping share stories that extend a learning lifeline in conflict zones.

Meet some of the ICFers who are making an impact

Maya Payne

Maya Payne  

She’s battling America’s overdose crisis, one community at a time.

Meet Rachel Alexander - headshot

Rachel Alexander 

She's using AI to improve health outcomes.

 Meet Deb Harris - headshot

Deb Harris  

She's helping cities across the country decarbonize.

Meet Omar Lopez - headshot

Omar Lopez  

He's using drones to rebuild communities.

Luke Surowiec

Luke Surowiec 

He's finding new ways to help large building owners simplify their journey to clean energy.

 Meet Karen Ketchum - headshot

Karen Ketchum  

She's using big data to help fight cancer.

Meet Vera Persephone Honey - headshot

Vera Persephone Honey  

She’s improving how the government runs.

Carlos Sanabria Montano  

He’s making health information more accessible and inclusive.

Purpose inspires us to deliver our best—when the stakes are high and the needs are urgent.

This year, 1.9M people will be diagnosed with cancer.
UN official: “We are not acting fast enough on global warming.”
Hurricane Maria destroyed 300K homes and left 3M people without power.

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